Generation of vector maps from OpenStreetMap data.

Press rectangle button, select rectangle on a map and wait. Note that this tool will work well with small areas. Entire cities may work, but will require long processing. Processing entire countries will fail.

(there is more text below map, you can also see an animation showing how this tool is supposed to work)

Map style has support for areas such as buildings, water, parks, forests, road areas and linear features such as roads, railways, waterways, taxiway, runways. Produced SVG files can be downloaded.

Have fun with using OpenStreetMap data for interesting and/or useful purposes! Just remember that you must mention source of data in way visible to whoever will be using it. See this page for details, including cases where it is legally allowed to avoid giving a clear credit (but I encourage to do this in all cases).

If you liked this tool, something was confusing - you are welcomed to comment about it by creating a public issue or by sending me an email. You can also post comment in OSM diary entry.

If you want to help mapping and you are unsure how to start - you can try StreetComplete (an Android app) allowing contributions, with sole requirements being (1) ability to read (2) ability to see things (3) ability to create an OpenStreetMap acount.

If you want to map something (map missing objects, fix mistake) and you are unsure how to start - visit, zoom in to interesting area and press "edit" button and follow instructions. You can contact OpenStreetMap community using one of global or local channels listed at

You can visit matkoniecz/lunar_assembler to see code, obtain code or contribute. This software as AGPLv3 licenced.