Generation of vector maps from OpenStreetMap data, for use in laser cutters for producing tactile maps.

Press the rectangle button, select a rectangle on a map and wait. Note that this tool will work well with small areas, such as a neighbourhood.

See also other map styles, allowing generation of other maps from the same OpenStreetMap data.

(there is more text below map, you can also see an animation showing how this tool is supposed to work)

Map style is generating SVG design files for use in a laser cutter. As orientation maps for blind people of a very small area, such as a single road crossing.

laser parameters that I used are given, but this is a solely example! You will need to test it on laser cutter you use which parameters are optimal. Yes, it is time consuming

TODO: finish describing parameters at closeup, clone relevant ones


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Examples of a map generated from OpenStreetMap data, on ODbL license.